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It’s BAAAACK!!!! Last year’s Restyling Exchange was such a great success – with over 40 participants from all over the world. How could we not bring it back this year?!

Our hopes for this year’s restyling exchange is to get even more participants, raise awareness for refashioning and being sustainable in our sewing practice, as well as add a few fun new elements to this years challenge.

This year, we’ve started a MARCO X GRIP HOOK FOOTWEAR Sandals Arena TUyWS9p7
to help get those creative juices flowing and give you some inspiration in refashioning the garment that is sent to you – including some of last year’s refashions! Remember – the transformation can be as dramatic or subtle as you would like… so don’t be intimidated!

In addition, for the Restyling Exchange 2018 to make it extra fun Pilar I will name some awards at the end of the challenge. Awards will be given for:

These awards are to encourage everyone to really have fun with it and challenge yourself!

Without further ado, all the details are below, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY before signing up, especially if this is your first year joining us!

The Restyling Exchange is a global fashion swap connecting restylers all over the world to promote the value of refashioned clothing, deepen the online sewing crafting community, and challenge your creativity.

How did it start? The exchange was created by myself and Pilar of the sewing blog Pilar bear . Early last year Pilar posted a photo of a project she was refashioning for a friend, who was in turn refashioning something for her (each original garment would be returned to its owner after it was refashioned). I thought this was such a cool idea, and as I was trying to think of someone I might ask to trade refashion projects with.. the thought dawned on me: “How cool would it be if this was a community wide swap!?” .. which is what I more or less said in the comments on Pilar’s post. Since Pilar has arranged her own pattern share and participated in the sewing valentine exchange.. she was no stranger to instagram swap parties. She sent me a message that day saying “I think you have something here.. lets brainstorm about this!” And the rest, as they say, is history!! Last year’s exchange was such a success, we are very excited to bring it back again this year.

Why during Fashion Revolution Week? We thought this week would be the perfect week to launch our project to coincide with Fashion Revolution week, which was created in response to the Rhana Plaza collapse in April of 2013 that killed 1138 people, mostly garment workers. Fashion Revolution is a movement that calls for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. You may have seen the posts and hashtags: #who made my clothes. Its an amazing week that raises awareness of the damages of the fashion industry to our planet and it’s people. Refashioning your old clothing, or second hand clothing is a great way to contribute to the eco fashion movement. It not only reduces waste, but reduces the need to consume more new, unethically produced clothing. Click here to learn more about Fashion Revolution week, and how else you can get involved.

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Le mie sedi
Il mio profilo

Well done coding today! Take a look at some of the cool things you can add to your project!

Add-ons make your project more fun. The more add-ons you try, the more unique you can make your project.

In “Walking,” you’ll animate your sprite to look like it’s walking to different locations.

In “Make it Rain,” you’ll tweak the code from Day 3’s Dynamic Setting project to make it work in a different way. “What’s the Password?” challenges you to create a project that waits for a password before continuing.

In “Find the Secret Door,” you’ll give users control over the movement of the character in your project, and it will only notice the secret door when it is near it.

“Add Another Scene” gives you ideas for where the story could go next. You will also learn how to use the “join” block. In “Add Another Character” you’ll get ideas for how to include a new character in your project to interact with the first one.

Check out the add-ons that interest you!

Scegli un’estensione
In questo video scoprirai come fare avvicinare il personaggio alla porta e come farlo allontanare.
Qual è la password?
Con questo componente, programmerai una password segreta che l'utente dovrà inserire per attraversare la porta segreta.
Fai piovere
Con questo componente, scoprirai come usare la valigetta per inserire nel progetto la pioggia che hai creato durante la terza giornata.
Trova la porta segreta
Con questo componente, farai muovere il personaggio su comando dell'utente con i tasti freccia.
Aggiungi un altro personaggio
Con questo componente aggiuntivo, inserirai nella storia altri personaggi.
Aggiungi un'altra scena
In questo componente ti guiderò nell'aggiunta di una nuova scena e ti darò qualche suggerimento su come programmarla.
1. Presentazione di Narrazione interattiva
2. Domande e risposte
3. Prendi una decisione
4. Racconta la storia
5. Componenti aggiuntivi di Narrazione interattiva
6. Riepilogo di Narrazione interattiva
7. Condividi il tuo progetto
8. Esponi il tuo progetto
Accedi per monitorare i tuoi progressi e ottenere i distintivi

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per scoprire quali altri programmi potrebbero interessarti.

*Select Plus commercial agreements will no longer be sold starting July 1, 2015.

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